Oregon LNG is a $6 billion liquefied natural gas development project and is currently working through federal and state permitting processes with the expectation of construction beginning in 2015 and being fully operational in early 2019.

Our proposed facility will be located in Warrenton, Oregon at the mouth of the Columbia River and will be designed and built to the most modern standards. It will be designed to produce up to 9 million metric tons of LNG per year using the cleanest and most energy efficient, all-electric production process.

While the project began in 2004 as an import facility bringing natural gas to Oregon, due to new technology which has allowed the United States and Canada to produce enough natural gas to last for perhaps hundreds of years, the project moved to become an export facility with liquefaction capabilities. Oregon LNG will also serve as a back-up source of natural gas for the regional market during times of unusually high demand and during times of outages on the Interstate Pipeline System that serves Oregon.

Beyond the benefit of new jobs and the positive economic impact to the local economy, the construction of the terminal and affiliated Oregon Pipeline will bring additional benefits to the State of Oregon:

  • $6.3 billion investment in the local and regional economy
  • $120 million paid in property taxes during the construction period
  • $57 million paid annually in property taxes throughout the life of the facility
  • $220 million paid in personal income taxes during the construction period
  • $16 million paid annually in personal and corporate income taxes throughout the life of the facility