At Oregon LNG, we have six principles that guide our work.

Guiding Principles - Two

Safety is our number one priority

The safety of the community and those constructing and maintaining the LNG facility is our primary concern. We intend to adhere to the highest available standards and use comprehensive safeguards.

Minimize environmental and cultural impacts

We believe the installation and maintenance of the LNG facility and pipeline should involve minimal disruption. As part of our planning and permits, we perform thorough studies that gauge the environmental and cultural impacts of our project, which are then evaluated and mitigated.

Listen to input provided by the public

We are committed to working with all Oregonians, including property owners and policymakers, to ensure an open discussion of all issues associated with the production and export of natural gas in the form of LNG. From public meetings to one-on-one conversations with landowners, we will listen to the community and address questions and concerns in an honest, fair, open and transparent manner.

Treat everyone fairly and respectfully

Being a good neighbor and active member of the community is important to Oregon LNG. We understand there will be some in the community with concerns about the LNG facility and pipeline, and we are committed to treating everyone fairly and respectfully.

Follow local and state rules and processes

We are committed to participating in good faith in all local, state, and federal regulatory and permitting procedures and to follow all applicable laws.

Communicate effectively

We believe open communication is important, and we are using a number of methods to communicate about the LNG facility and affiliated pipeline projects. If you would like to be added to our distribution list for information, please sign up to receive the latest news.

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