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The dove is one of those species that adapts well to humanity. The trees, power lines and bird feeders of suburbia provide perfect habitat. The Eurasian collared dove is almost always seen near homes and farms, not unbroken forest or prairie. Research indicates it is not adversely affecting native mourning doves or other birds.

Eurasian Collared-Dove. Streptopelia decaocto. as far northwest as Oregon and Washington. Oddly, the expansion has not yet penetrated the northeastern states, aside from a few records of strays..

Eurasian Collared-Dove: Native of India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar; also widespread in Europe. Introduced to the Bahamas, spread to Florida, and has increased its range across much of the U.S., into extreme southern Canada and northern Mexico, though largely absent from the northeastern states.

By "pest birds" I mean European starlings, English Sparrows, Feral Pigeons and eurasian collared doves (which are legal to kill in the state of Oregon and in most countries including the USA). By "pellet gun" I don’t me a "bb gun" like a little red rider. I am talking about an adult size hunting air rifle that has the power to kill raccoon's and grey fox.

Unfortunately reports of Eurasian collared doves showing up in all areas of Oregon are getting more common, especially on the east side of the state. Winged invasives are harder, if not impossible, to control than most other non native species. These birds have not been listed as non protected (i.e starlings, house sparrows, rock pigeons).

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"Unprotected Mammals and Birds" means European starling, house sparrow, Eurasian collared dove, rock pigeon and any mammal species for which there are no closed seasons or Bag Limits. However, all general hunting regulations and licensing laws still apply.

No species of bird has colonized North America at the speed with which the Eurasian Collared-Dove (Streptopelia decaocto) has marched across the continent. First found nesting just south of Miami, Florida, in 1982, this non-native dove has rapidly adapted to human-altered environments from Florida to Alaska.

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There are no seasons or bag limits in Oregon for unprotected Eurasian collared doves, an invasive bird found across North America.. Mourning dove season lasts. Eurasian collared doves are.