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Todd Hoffman, center, of Sandy, Oregon, is returning to Oregon for "Gold Rush" Season 7. Hoffman, pictured with his son, Hunter, left, and father, Jack, right, will move his crew from the Yukon to.

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During the seventh season of Gold Rush, the 316 Mining crew was working close to home in Oregon. From the wilds of Alaska, to the remote corners of the Canadian Klondike, to the jungles of Guyana, Dave Turin and Todd Hoffman – the masters of reality TV mining – have spent the better part of a decade travelling the globe in search of gold.

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Crew leader Todd Hoffman, after parting ways with a former mechanic. Katie, who currently works for the Oregon Department of Transportation, got married and eventually got a divorce. The two never.

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The Hoffman crew did much better from the previous season. personally I want to say "good job". I have been following everybody from the show the best I can and Jimmy Dorsey has improved himself as gold miner. The fact that he made $30,000, while the Hoffman crew made $8,000 per share shows just that.

Turin, one of the leaders on the Hoffman crew, spoke to Oregon Live about the team and the new season. "The thing that’s different this year is we got a lot more personal. In the past, it’s been a lot more about work, and big machines, but this year, you’re going to see us as individuals struggle with what every person struggles with.

Todd Hoffman, the Sandy, Oregon-based star of the Discovery Channel hit show, "Gold Rush," tends to make a big splash. Whether vowing to lead his crew to the biggest gold score ever, or dramatically announcing his departure from "Gold Rush," Hoffman tends to draw strong reactions from fans who love him, hate him, or love to hate him.

How old is Hunter Hoffman? This season, three generations of Hoffman are looking for gold. Meet the youngest member of the crew, Todd Son, Hunter Hoffman, 16 years old. Source: " Todd Hoffman wiki " Hunter Hoffman What is Todd Hoffman Net Worth? There is a lot of speculation about pay slips every season when it is a gold race.