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Obsidian "Flow" – Glass Butte, OR This links to a page that has links for all kinds of things to do in OR and in wa. glass butte, Oregon- best Oregon rockhounding location for black obsidian. And you can take a lot of the Oregon obsidian home with you! See more

Glass Buttes are a group of volcanic mountains made up of two prominent peaks and several smaller hills. They are located in the remote northeast corner of the Lake County between Bend and Burns in central Oregon, United States.Raising high above the high desert plain, the buttes are an important landmark in an area once known as the Oregon’s Great Sandy Desert.

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August 12-13, 2010: Having found out that there’s a bigger crater in Oregon than Crater Lake (crater = caldera: the basin resulting from a violent vol. The Big Obsidian Flow, AKA The glass mountain. kitty, you would.) Well, it was literally a mountain of black glass! Obsidian (glass) forms.

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Southeastern Oregon is known for its great deposits of rocks and minerals. The lake county rockhounding sites attract thousands of rock collectors. A wide variety of minerals, semiprecious gemstones, and rocks is available on public lands managed by the Burea of Land Management (BLM) and U.S. Forest Service.

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Overview . The fascinating geological area known as Glass Buttes, Oregon, is located about 70 miles east of Bend in Lake County. Rockhounders from all over come to the area to collect beautiful pieces of obsidian for which Glass Buttes is known.

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Mountain mahogany – See Mahogany obsidian. Nevada diamond – term that has been applied, albeit rarely, to what is said to be artificially decolorized obsidian. Obsidian "cat’s-eye" (or "cat’s eye obsidian) – name sometimes given to obsidian that has a golden chatoyant-like appearance; see Golden sheen obsidian.

All obsidian sources listed below, except those marked with an asterisk (*), have been analyzed at the Northwest Research Obsidian Studies Laboratory. These sources make up the obsidian source reference universe with which artifact trace element data are compared and correlated.