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 · The tax applies to bikes with wheels larger than 14 inches – including those sold in big-box stores. As the rest of the country eyes Oregon’s new bike tax – the only state bike tax – it’s worth a quick look at two smaller-scale but long-standing programs, in Colorado Springs and.

For now, here are the final details of the bike tax: It’s a $15 flat tax instead of the 4-5% tax initially proposed. Applies to new bicycles with a wheel diameter of 26-inches or larger and a retail price of $200 or more. Expected to raise $1.2 million per year and cost $100,000 per year to administer.

On Thursday, the Oregon Legislature approved an ambitious $5.3 billion transportation tax and fee package. house bill 2017, which passed the Senate 22-7, includes a 4-cent gas tax hike, a $16.

The Oregon bicycle excise tax is a flat tax of $15, to be collected at the point of sale starting January 1, 2018. Revenue from the bicycle excise tax goes into the Connect Oregon Fund to provide grants for bicycle and pedestrian transportation projects.

Oregon, one of five states with no sales tax, just passed an excise tax on bicycles to help fund trail maintenance and improvement. That decision generated a good bit of controversy, and as a bicycle-riding, trail-loving taxpayer, I wondered why a bicycle tax that supports bicycle trail use is so contentious.

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 · SALEM, Ore. (BRAIN) – The Oregon Department of Revenue has collected $288,738 from bike retailers for the state’s $15 bike tax, which went into effect Jan. 1. Oregon has the only state bike tax.The figure equates to taxes collected on the sale of about 19,250 bikes. The total is not the amount of payments that are due from retailers, just the amount that has been collected.

 · Oregon has become the first state to levy a tax on bicycles. But rather than the standard percentage-style of taxing products, the newest iteration of the Transportation Bill that puts the tax.

The much-debated bike tax is part of Oregon’s new transportation bill that adds a $15 per bike fee on new bikes with 26-inch or larger wheels that sell or $200 or more. The fees will be funneled into a fund called Connect Oregon which provides matching grants for commuter bicycle infrastructure.

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