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The Oregon Milkweed Project has infomration, photos, and an action plan for encouraging monarchs. Here we have 2 common types of wild milkweed: Asclepias speciosa and Asclepias fascicularis. When you have it identified, here’s how to transplant milkweed.

Free Milkweeds for restoration projects. update.. and that other nectar sources are either pre-existing or are included in the project. We recommend against planting large quantities of milkweed in a small area.. Milkweed plugs are propagated in two types of flats, either 32-cell flats.

Richard Harding needs your help today! Oregon Milkweed Project – Since 1998, the Oregon Milkweed Project has been collecting seed of Oregon native milkweeds (Asclepias sp.) and propagating and distributing seed and seedlings free of charge to Oregon residents. The main purpose is to restore habitat for the Western population of the Monarch butterfly that wa.

Oregon Milkweed Project Latest update January 29, 2015 Started on January 29, 2015. land. Document populations of two rare oregon milkweeds (asclepias cordifolia and A. solanoana) in Southwestern Oregon for seed collection, and propagation for Monarch butterfly habitat restoration.

The milkweed project is separate from that cleanup. As with thousands of students at Oregon colleges and universities set to graduate, he is excited for the next chapter. He hopes that includes a.

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Central Oregon isn’t typically known for being a major migration pathway for monarchs – and historical records show there is even less milkweed in the area today than in the past – but.

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Oregon Milkweed project founder richard Harding has been giving away milkweed seeds since 1998. He wants to see Portland become a migration stop for Western Monarchs, and he thinks that if people. Asclepias speciosa is a found in roadside ditches, fields, around fence posts, railroad tracks and other abandoned/distressed areas.

As founder of the Oregon Milkweed Project, the state chemist is working to make milkweed seeds available to Oregonians who want to improve the plight of monarchs and other pollinators. Monarchs,

Native Oregon Showy Milkweed at the Fairgrounds garden. Narrow-leaf Milkweed (Asclepias fascicularis): Narrow-leaved milkweed is an important host plant for monarch, swallowtail, and striated queen butterflies, as well as many native pollinators including beetles, wasps and bees. Narrowleaf Milkweed coming in to bloom in the Butterfly Garden