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This nearly thornless raspberry produces large, tasty, good quality, bright red berries. Strong vigorous canes support the heavy summer crop. Ideal for freezing, canning, cooking, and fresh eating. Plant near a fence or wall for support or allow to ramble. Developed in Oregon and first introduced in 1953. Deciduous.

Marionberries are a type of blackberry from Oregon. Marionberries fruit on primocanes, which grow for two years. The primocanes start growing during the warm season of the first year, survive fall and winter and then grow and produce berries during spring and summer of the next year.

To prune everbearing raspberries to produce in late summer to early fall, cut all canes to ground level in late February or early March when plants are dormant.. blackberry cultivars for Oregon.. Raspberries are relatively easy to grow and can bear fruit indefinitely with proper care.

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Summer bearing red raspberry plants can turn your backyard into a delightful snacking area during the warm months. These productive brambles produce luscious summer berry crops year after year if you prune them correctly. When do you prune summer bearing raspberries? How to prune summer raspberry.

Oregon U Pick Farms. Enjoying the summer in Oregon? Consider visiting a U-pick berry farm to experience the joy of picking sun warmed raspberries and blackberries straight from the cane. Always call to double check opening hours and berry availability before heading out!

Pruning blackberries is quite similar to pruning raspberries, but it is even less complicated. Blackberries don’t grow as enthusiastically as raspberries, but they, too, will yield better with regular pruning. And as with raspberries, they can be prone to diseases that spread rapidly if the plants aren’t maintained.

The Right Way to Pinch and Prune Raspberries. 2 July 2015, written by Barbara Pleasant. Like most garden writers, early on in my career I often repeated advice given by experienced experts on topics I didn’t know much about myself. Years later, there is quite a bit of advice I’d like to take.

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Bernadine Strik, a berry crops specialist with the oregon state university extension Service, suggests pruning raspberries in the late fall or winter. In summer-bearing raspberries, she says, remove dead fruiting canes and then cut the tops off and train new canes that will bear this coming summer.