So What Is A Docking Saw Exactly?

If you’re in the manufacturing, construction, or the trade industry in general, chances are you’ve used a docking saw. And if you’re in any of the industries I listed above, you also likely know docking saws can be referred to as a package saw, bunk saw, cross cut saw, etc. and vice versa. No matter what you call it, a docking saw is a slightly glorified version of a chain saw. In fact, according to Pacific Trail Manufacturing – Custom Saw Maker Thomas Langton, docking saws are “Modified children of the log bucking deck saws of yesteryear.” Don’t get me wrong, docking saws (or whatever you want to call them) still get the job done, and they get the job done well. But, we think the docking saw is a tool of the past. 

Typically, a docking saws cutting tolerances can range from ±1/4” to ±1/16” to ±1/32” and closer. This is perfectly acceptable in the large market of jobs that finish wood products. But what is more valuable than good cutting tolerance? Even more extremely accurate cuts, and faster production time. What company wouldn’t want more accurate tools that can do the job faster than ever before? The value in creating so much product in such little time is immeasurable. And while it can be nerve wracking for any business owner to spend the money on newer technology, keep in mind that cutting tolerance is generally what drives the price of any saw – you get what you pay for. 

When on the hunt for a new docking saw, you’ll likely want to compare the pros and cons of the multitude of options that are out there. With a market as large as this, that would be no easy task. The pressure to choose the right saw can be daunting – make the right decision and you can significantly increase your productivity, efficiency, and in turn – more money. Make the wrong decision and you are stuck with a poor performing, expensive machine that leads you frustrated and with poor results. You know what else a poorly performing saw results in? Unsatisfied customers and less money in your pocket. When searching 

Pacific Trail Manufacturing Inc. has made a commitment to be the “Difference that will keep you cutting.” What exactly makes the difference you may ask? It is the result of a unique combination of sound design, exceptional fabrication, extensive operator education and top quality service. Something that makes them unique is their commitment to the most accurate cutting tolerance on the market. From their design, to fabrication, to installation, to education, Pacific Trail guarantees you are getting your money’s worth. When working with them, you can rest assured that everyone at Pacific Trail Manufacturing, Inc. knows saws and the technology that makes them great. Since being established in 1996 in Portland Oregon, Pacific Trail Manufacturing, Inc. has been excelling in design and function of a wide range of crosscut saws for one purpose, and one purpose only – to help their customers process their inventory quickly, accurately, and with the least amount of labor possible. 

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