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Oregon’s elections are conducted by mail, and are preceded by a mailing of a Voters’ Pamphlet like the one pictured here. On November 4, 2008, the U.S. state of Oregon held statewide general elections for three statewide offices ( secretary of state , treasurer , and attorney general ), both houses of the Oregon Legislative Assembly , and.

Candidates competing in the Democratic Party primaries for Kentucky State Auditor and Treasurer appeared on Monday’s edition of KET’s Kentucky Tonight.. This was the second in a series of discussions with candidates in contested races for statewide constitutional offices this election season. Elections Division 255 Capitol St NE, Ste 501 Salem OR 97310 Phone: 503-986-1518 or 1-866-673-VOTE Fax: 503-373-7414 [email protected]

Robert Straub, Oregon State Treasurer, is one of the leaders of the Muskie campaign and he said he considered Senator Jackson to be the chief oppo nent. Mr. Straub, who has himself been a candidate in.

The Office of the State Treasurer is the state’s financial services hub and oversees a range of financial responsibilities, including managing the investment of state funds, issuing state bonds, serving as the central bank for state agencies and administering the Oregon 529 Savings Network and Oregon Retirement Savings Plan.

Main article: Oregon Treasurer The treasurer of the State of Oregon is an elected constitutional officer within the executive branch of the Oregon state government. The treasurer is the state’s chief financial officer and official banker and is responsible for managing the state’s money. Incumbent. The incumbent was Democrat Ted Wheeler. He was first appointed to the position on March 11, 2010, to the unexpired term of former treasurer ben westlund, and was officially elected to a two-year.

Elections: Federal and State Elected Officials.. Oregon's US House of Representatives (Portions of Congressional districts in. Tobias Read, State Treasurer

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Kentucky Tonight. State Auditor; State Treasurer, Primary election 2019. season 26 episode 15 | 56m 33s In part one, Renee Shaw discusses the 2019 state auditor primary race with scheduled.

Below is a tentative list of 2018 Green Party candidates for office. Submissions should be sent. David B. Chandler for Delaware State Treasurer Election Date.

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