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The South Umpqua River is a temperature sensitive river of extremes. At once it is a river of untamed wilderness at its utmost upper reaches and the epitome of domestication as it merges down river with the main stem of the umpqua watershed basin near Roseburg, Oregon.

Farm Wars. It all started with the sucker fish. The con, that is. I can see it all now. A group of robber barons and their flunkies sitting down at a table and deciding just what ruse they will use to grab all of the water and land in the country, and for Oregon, it’s the sucker. Yes, the infamous Klamath Basin Sucker Fish.

Oregon Wild, Friends of Living Oregon Waters, and Western Watersheds Project v. Constance Cummins, U.S. Forest Service, Laurie R. Sada, and U.S. Fish.

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 1988. Determination of Endangered Status for the Shortnose Sucker and Lost River Sucker. FR 53:27130-27134. U.S. Fish and Wildlife service. 1993. lost river (deltistes luxatus) and Shortnose (chasmistes brevirostris) sucker recovery plan. portland, Oregon 108pp.

KLAMATH FALLS, OR – Oregon's U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley on Friday hosted a science summit, the Sucker Recovery Summit, by the need for in-stream water for the fish, which are protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Description. The Snake River Zone is all the waters of the Snake River from the Oregon-Washington border upstream to the Oregon-Idaho border. The boundary between the Snake River and its tributaries is defined as a straight line across the mouths of all rivers.

romantic resorts in oregon Couples traveling to Oregon can opt to visit metro areas such as Portland–filled with cultural activities and all the dining options of a large city–but the state’s resorts put guests in some of the most romantic spots between the mountains and the coast.

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife;. Suckers. Suckers are members of the Catostomidae family of fishes. Washington’s four species all have an elongated, roundish, "torpedo-shaped" body with a sub-terminal or ventral (on the bottom side) mouth.. sucker-minnow identification guide.

If you have found a fish species you wish to report, contact your local Oregon Department of Fish and . Wildlife (ODFW) office. Useful information to include in your report would be place, date, and time of sighting. To aid in the positive identification of a species, a picture of the fish, even if it is taken with your cell phone, can be very.